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Posted on February 8, 2010 at 12:50 PM

This pedal is incredibly versatile going from clean boost to full on metal tones. With the the two channel option (green/red) you get two different gain levels. Having the boost is excellent for leads with plenty of gain. The versatility really comes into play with their three band EQ and the ability to dial in the mid-range. You can scoop them or bump them which gives you the ability to really shape your tone to a particular style or need. Both the channels of the pedal are very transparent with very little tonal change. The red is the same but with more gain.


There are two footswitches on the pedal. Right switch engages or disengages the pedal. You need to switch the toggle for green or red channel. The left switch is a boost switch, where you can leave that on (but is on activated if the pedal is on) so you can go right to lead tone (boost on) or stage it by stepping on the pedal.


Additionally there is a feedback and presence knob/switch to help shape the tone.


This pedal has the ability to stay ‘tight’ at high gain.

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